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Benton Fly Box!

We offer the largest selection of quality hand-tied fishing flies at the lowest prices possible.

Our huge selection of about 400,000 fishing flies in inventory range from size 2 to 24 can be shipped in most cases the same day.

Please look around and see if you don't agree! We also offer free US shipping on orders over $50.

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOMED! Please ask us for a quote.

We are the only fishing fly shop that offers famous Northeastern TANDEM & SINGLE hook streamers in over 300 patterns.

It is our goal to tie all the flies on our site and more. If you can supply a name and description, or better yet, a picture, we can tie it for you.

We strive for nothing short of the highest quality!

Click Here to reserve our cozy Maine cabin!

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Complete line of fishing flies, including: Dry Flies, Special dry flies, Nymph flies, Beadhead flies, Terrestrial flies, Muddlers, Midges, Emergers, Parachute flies,
Caddis Flies, Mayflies, Stone Flies, Wet Flies, Streamer Flies Tandem, Streamer Flies Single, Bass Flies, Pike Flies, Saltwater Flies, Bait Sewing Hooks, Bait Slider hooks

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